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Kiran Patel (Illustrating Rain)

Lives in London, England  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.facebook.com/illustrating.rain

“inspired by the notion of transmutation; the journey of changing one’s mind. It is viewed through the lens of our individual thoughts and the manner in which they evolve and traverse a journey of their own, changing from one set of ideas at one time to another.”

abstract, landscape, painting

Sabrina Garrasi

Lives in Pesaro, Italy  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.madlendesign.com


“Dark and light, warm and cool, hard and soft, chaos and and tranquility have a direct influence on artist’s thoughts and the”spiritual disposition” of the visual elements are intimately related with the her interior universe.  Art is her spiritual practice. The painting is the representation of her essence.”

abstract, painting

Neil Williams

Lives in Mansfield, Ohio  //  Etsy Shop iusb_760x100.12017683_9sq2

“My style has evolved into primarily color-field abstract work. I use acrylic paint with gel mediums, glaze and water to create washes and texture. My favorite artists are the Impressionists along with modern artists like Hans Hofmann, Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler.”

abstract, painting

Cristina Borsatti

Lives in Como, Italy  //  Etsy Shopiusb_760x100.14430630_f8iz

“I love that special moment when ​ ​you dip a brush into colors and lay it down on the canvas. Shaping colors and creating infinite spaces excites me so much.”

illustration, painting

Anna Mcneil

Lives in  //  Barcelona, Catalonia  //  ETSY SHOP: Metamorphosing