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Kiran Patel (Illustrating Rain)

Lives in London, England  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.facebook.com/illustrating.rain

“inspired by the notion of transmutation; the journey of changing one’s mind. It is viewed through the lens of our individual thoughts and the manner in which they evolve and traverse a journey of their own, changing from one set of ideas at one time to another.”

abstract, illustration, painting

Dorota Jedrusik

Lives in Krakow, Poland  //  Etsy Shop


“In the process of creation , I often use accident, time and place where I am, is my inspiration. Artistic values are the same important for me as aesthetic values. I research and experiment, sometimes giving myself to it.”

abstract, sculpture


Lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan  //  Etsy Shop HRUSKAA


“Each original design is influenced by the pure simplicity of Scandinavian styling and are considerate to small scaled spaces. This is because I believe everyone deserves to have beautiful works of art which add to their life’s story.”

abstract, collage, mixed media

Sarah Symes

Lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.sarahsymes.com


“I aspire to recreate my internal experiences of places and people through my work. It represents an abstraction of real life, infused with memories and ideas evoked by the subject. I try to conjure emotion through color and manipulate composition to suggest familiar forms and landscapes.”

abstract, painting

Johanna Lüffe

Lives in Hamm, Germany  //  Etsy Shop



cityscape, collage, illustration, mixed media

Lynette Jackson

Lives in Atlanta, Georgia  //  Etsy Shop  / Website


“my creations represent my fascination with all things modern-colors, clean lines, and geometric shapes.”

abstract, Digital Media, painting

Jenny Gray

Lives in Monroe Oregon  //  Etsy Shop


“I want my fine art to have layers of meaning and when it is in someone’s home I want it to keep telling different, ever changing stories.”