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Tiffani Sabri

Lives in Toronto, Canada  //  Etsy shop  //

“Nature and its vivid colours and textures inspire Sabri’s work. She takes in what she sees around her and re-imagines the images onto her canvases in her own unique style. Her work incorporates a variety of media including paint, oil pastels, printmaking and drawing. Her bright, quirky works of art are created with layers upon layers of image transfer, paint and drawing.”

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Lia Aminov

Lives in Rome, Italy  //  Etsy Shop  //  Blog


“You could say I self medicate with paint. The result is a communication and a connection with others. I often find that people are attracted to my work they are growing through their own challenges and a certain piece speaks to that part of them.”

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Lesia Binkin

Lives in Modiin, Israel  //  Etsy Shop  //


“I’m a fashion print designer working from my home studio in the beautiful Judaean hills. Recently I’m working with a Stockholm-based studio that provides artworks for the big fashion names like H&M, Zara, Custo Barcelona, The Kooples, DKNY, Calvin Klein and many others.”


Ingrid Beddoes

Lives in Porto, Portugal  //  Etsy Shopiusb_760x100.13492426_fwxy

“I kept finding something new and more interesting to do until 2007 and when I was given my first digital camera as a Christmas present….and I became completely obsessed. I had finally found something that I love and there is not a day that goes by that I do not take a picture.”

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Paula Mattson

Lives in Chicago, IL  //  Etsy Shop


“I never sketch first. I prefer simply to start with an idea. Sometimes that involves a specific series. Usually one form or shape suggests a design aspect. I go from there.”

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Helen Gotlib

Lives in  //  Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States  //  Etsy Shop