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Corinne Melanie

Lives in Adelaide, Australia  //  Etsy Shop  //  corinnemelanie.com


“My journey of creating this collection of abstract cloudscape paintings began earlier this year, where my bright and colourful style evolved into something a little more muted and understated. I yearned for neutral, earthy colours that blended in with natural textures like timbers, stonework and plants. My yearning for creating these natural artworks, something with a sense of calm, was born out of my own world and the circumstances that I was presented with earlier this year.”

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Kim Fearheiley

Lives in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina  //  Etsy Shop

“One of the best learning tools was the 365 project I completed in 2010. I posted one photo a day for a year on Flickr. At the end of the year, I had a nice variety of photos that were just sitting on my hard drive.”

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Cristina Borsatti

Lives in Como, Italy  //  Etsy Shopiusb_760x100.14430630_f8iz

“I love that special moment when ​ ​you dip a brush into colors and lay it down on the canvas. Shaping colors and creating infinite spaces excites me so much.”

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Sean Ramsey

Lives in Oklahoma City, OK  //  Etsy Shop


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Rachel Haynes

Lives in  //  Seattle, Washington  //  ETSY SHOP  // BLOG

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Jamie Lauler Solberg

Lives in  //   Minneapolis, Minnesota  //  Etsy Shop