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Greg Hargreaves

Lives in Waterloo, Iowa  //   Etsy Shop

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Corinne Melanie

Lives in Adelaide, Australia  //  Etsy Shop  //  corinnemelanie.com


“My journey of creating this collection of abstract cloudscape paintings began earlier this year, where my bright and colourful style evolved into something a little more muted and understated. I yearned for neutral, earthy colours that blended in with natural textures like timbers, stonework and plants. My yearning for creating these natural artworks, something with a sense of calm, was born out of my own world and the circumstances that I was presented with earlier this year.”

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Neil Williams

Lives in Mansfield, Ohio  //  Etsy Shop iusb_760x100.12017683_9sq2

“My style has evolved into primarily color-field abstract work. I use acrylic paint with gel mediums, glaze and water to create washes and texture. My favorite artists are the Impressionists along with modern artists like Hans Hofmann, Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler.”

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Cara Thayer & Louie Van Patten

Live in Bend Oregon  //  Etsy Shop Website: www.thegryllus.comiusb_760x100.13119965_4n4p

“We paint side-by-side, sometimes back and forth, and always in the presence of each other in the hidey-hole we call a studio.”

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Jenny Gray

Lives in Monroe Oregon  //  Etsy Shop


“I want my fine art to have layers of meaning and when it is in someone’s home I want it to keep telling different, ever changing stories.”

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Beverly LeFevre

Lives in Dayton, Ohio  //  Etsy Shop


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Katarina and Tomaž

Live in  //  Ljubljana, Slovenia  //  Etsy Shop: KITOKI photography