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Tiffani Sabri

Lives in Toronto, Canada  //  Etsy shop  //

“Nature and its vivid colours and textures inspire Sabri’s work. She takes in what she sees around her and re-imagines the images onto her canvases in her own unique style. Her work incorporates a variety of media including paint, oil pastels, printmaking and drawing. Her bright, quirky works of art are created with layers upon layers of image transfer, paint and drawing.”

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Gretchen Kelly

Lives in Hudson, NY  //   Etsy Shop


“My work is all about freedom. I love the beauty in the female form and in nature. I try to capture that beauty spontaneously with my brush and graphite on paper. I love playing with color and pattern as they bring life to each work. I experiment all the time with various techniques, mediums and surfaces.”

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Silke Spingies

Lives in Burton Latimer, England  //  Etsy Shop  //  Website


“I’ve worked as a graphic designer in publishing for nine years when I decided to go freelance. I wanted to work creatively and find out what other things I could do. Being freelance I finally had the time and opportunity to do so.”

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Cristina Ripper

Lives in Sintra, Portugal // Etsy Shop // 

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Anna Mcneil

Lives in  //  Barcelona, Catalonia  //  ETSY SHOP: Metamorphosing


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Blair Lambert

Lives in  //  Albany, New York  //  Etsy Shop

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Christopher Ian Smith

Lives in  //  Long Beach, California  //  Etsy Shop