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Kiran Patel (Illustrating Rain)

Lives in London, England  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.facebook.com/illustrating.rain

“inspired by the notion of transmutation; the journey of changing one’s mind. It is viewed through the lens of our individual thoughts and the manner in which they evolve and traverse a journey of their own, changing from one set of ideas at one time to another.”

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Lynann Colligan

Lives in Vancouver, Canada  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.lynanncolligan.com


“Living and working in Vancouver but originally hailing from Scotland, I studied digital imaging at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing.
After completing my studies I ventured to both Iceland and Ireland where I expanded my original fashion and portraiture focused work to include, abstract still life, landscape and travel photography.”

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Gabi Ger

Lives in Tel Aviv, Israel  //  Etsy shopisbl_1680x420.19284714_2y6y7nri.jpg

“When I paint, time and space are disappearing. The only existing reality is the action and interaction between me, the materials, paints, colors, and shapes.”

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Sarah Giannobile

Lives in St Louis, MO  //  Etsy Shop  //  Instagram


“Some of my paintings and drawings are about the exploration of my dreams. Exploring the unknown helps me appreciate the existence of life. I like to tell stories with my paintings and drawings with symbols.”


Ken Garduno


Lives Los Angeles, California  //  Etsy Shopiusb_760x100.6743565

“I like to get really loose with my work, and tighten it up with lines. I go back and forth between being reckless and controlled. I apply my washes intuitively and work methodically when I’m drawing.”


Busy Life

I have fallen a little behind with the posts the last couple of months.  In 2014, my wife and I moved from NYC to California and bought a bungalow!  It has been an awesome whirlwind and a huge change of pace.  Now my weekends are filled with fighting the constant decay of a home built in 1910…

I am looking forward to getting more involved in the growing Sacramento art scene (aka 2nd Saturdays).  I also have real studio space now! We have really come to love midtown and feel we are at the start of something great!

-Ryan James Townsend