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Greg Hargreaves

Lives in Waterloo, Iowa  //   Etsy Shop

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Kelly McDonald

Lives in Montreal, Canada  //  Etsy Shop  //   www.kellymcdonald.org


“I start with an image- either from memory or a photograph I have in my hands. These images are from places I have visited, or would like to. They are images that have caught my attention by either their vibrant colours, complex composition or even just their simple natural beauty. I then try to recapture these landscapes by breaking them down into many layers of shapes and forms.”

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Zsófia Fehéri

Lives in Siófok, Hungary //  Etsy Shop

“I truly think that we are all a piece of art ourselves. That’s why it is so important to sorround ourself with artwork that can remind us every day who we really are and find various meanings in it. “


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Corinne Melanie

Lives in Adelaide, Australia  //  Etsy Shop  //  corinnemelanie.com


“My journey of creating this collection of abstract cloudscape paintings began earlier this year, where my bright and colourful style evolved into something a little more muted and understated. I yearned for neutral, earthy colours that blended in with natural textures like timbers, stonework and plants. My yearning for creating these natural artworks, something with a sense of calm, was born out of my own world and the circumstances that I was presented with earlier this year.”

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Igors Bernats

Lives in Riga, Latvia  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.igorsbernats.lv

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Kiran Patel (Illustrating Rain)

Lives in London, England  //  Etsy Shop  //  www.facebook.com/illustrating.rain

“inspired by the notion of transmutation; the journey of changing one’s mind. It is viewed through the lens of our individual thoughts and the manner in which they evolve and traverse a journey of their own, changing from one set of ideas at one time to another.”

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Gabi Ger

Lives in Tel Aviv, Israel  //  Etsy shopisbl_1680x420.19284714_2y6y7nri.jpg

“When I paint, time and space are disappearing. The only existing reality is the action and interaction between me, the materials, paints, colors, and shapes.”